Professional Tooth Whitening in Gillette, WY

Get Your Teeth Up to 16 Shades Whiter!

KoR is a professional teeth whitening treatment that can make your teeth up to 16 shades lighter. Unlike most other whitening gels, the KoR Whitening gel rarely causes gum sensitivity.

How KoR Teeth Whitening Works

  • Our dentists will examine your teeth and gums to ensure that you're a good candidate for KoR
  • Next, our dentists will take molds of your teeth so that you can have your own whitening trays
  • Once you get your whitening trays, you'll wear them for about two weeks at night while you sleep
  • You'll then visit our office for a final follow-up visit

Get Your Teeth Checked Prior to Whitening

The American Dental Association recommends that you have your teeth examined by a dentist prior to starting the tooth whitening process. Not everyone is a good candidate for tooth whitening:

  • Certain Types of Tooth Colors Don't Bleach Well (Brown, Grey)
  • Bondings or Tooth Colored Fillings May Not Bleach Well
  • Some Patients May Experience Side Affects (Irritation)

By visiting Big Horn Dental, we can let you know how well whitening will work for you. If you aren't a great candidate for tooth whitening, we will present you with other alternatives, like veneers or dental bonding.

Before starting the tooth whitening process, you should come in and see me to avoid any unpleasant discoloration surprises and potential tooth and gum irritation. After examining you, I can recommend and implement the method of whitening that will work best with your teeth and give you that smile that you'll love.

- Dr. David Porter

We Will Keep You Comfortable

Your Comfort is extremely important to us at Big Horn Dental. Dr. Porter and Dr. Lee do their best to ensure your comfort during your visit to our office. We have many different methods we use to keep you comfortable:

  • Virtually Pain Free Injections - We use DentalVibe, which is a patented technology that allows for virtually pain free dental injections.
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation - For patients that have a fear of the dentist, or for more complex dental procedures, we use nitrous oxide sedation to keep you comfortable.

State of the Art Equipment

The cutting edge equipment that we use in our office helps to ensure your safety and comfort. It also gives us a much more accurate way to determine the health of your teeth.

  • Digital X-Rays - Digital X-Rays use less radiation, take less time, and produce a clearer image of your teeth.
  • Intra Oral Cameras - An IntraOral camera is used to better inform our patients. With an intraoral camera, video is taken of your teeth and displayed on a screen for you to view. This helps Dr. Porter and Dr. Lee to better explain any issues or problems that you may be experiencing with your teeth.
  • Laser Cavity Detection - While digital x-rays are great for finding cavities, laser cavity detection is excellent for finding smaller cavities - or even finding weaknesses in the enamel that may lead to cavities. The benefit to you is that the tooth can be treated before it even becomes a large cavity.

Meet Dr. Porter

Dr. PorterMy main goal as a dentist is to give my patients the best care possible while treating them how I would like to be treated. What I enjoy most about my profession is helping people reach their goals.

I obtained my formal education from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Since I am passionate about learning new things and helping people, I am continually involved in continuing education. It is my goal to give my patients the best care possible, and as dentistry is rapidly changing field, my commitment to continuing education is not an option, it is a necessity.

I have lived in Gillette for the past six years, and have been married to my wife Afton for 17 years. We have six children together: Makenna, Jackson, Dayton, Alaysa, Cael, and Camrie. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family. We like to go camping, and I enjoy being involved with my kids and their athletics.

I also believe it is important to stay involved with my community. I enjoy coaching sports and have volunteered with many youth programs. From a professional standpoint, our office hosts many events to improve the health of local children and support our troops overseas. I have participated in early childhood decay prevention programs in the schools and provided dental care for children in need in our area.

Meet Dr. Lee

Dr. LeeI was raised in Elkhorn, Nebraska where I graduated from High School and received my Eagle Scout Award. I then spent 2 years serving a L.D.S. Mission serving the people of Anaheim California. I received my Bachelors Degree at University of Utah and then attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Upon Graduation, I practiced dentistry in Rock Springs, Wyoming and then moved to Gillette.

I completed my implant residency at the prestigious White Cap Institute for implant dentistry. I am committed to providing state of the art dentistry to my patients. I have obtained and completed advanced continuing education form the Hoya Con Bio College of Clinical Laser Dentistry. I'm looking forward to attending the Clinical Mastery Course with the prestigious Dr. Hornbrook who is world renown for cosmetic dentistry.

Family time is very important to both me and my wonderful wife Erin. We enjoy taking our 4 children into the outdoors for camping, fishing, and hiking. I enjoy serving the community of Gillette through donating my time teaching children the importance of developing good oral health care habits at a young age.

Meet Dr. Nichols

Dr. LeeDr. Nichols grew up in Mesa, Arizona. He was highly involved in high school sports and BSA, wherein he earned his Eagle Scout Award. After graduating from high school, Dr. Nichols served a two year LDS mission to Vina Del Mar, Chile. As an undergraduate at Arizona State University, he was recognized by many for his community service and was even awarded a Presidential Service Award for giving back to the community. He later graduated from ASU with honors.

Dr. Nichols completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Michigan. Education has always been important to Dr. Nichols and he continues to grow and educate himself to provide optimum treatment for his patients. He has completed or currently enrolled in several dental continuing education certificates including: Friction Free Occlusion & Implantology from the prestigious White Cap Institute; an Endodontic Residency at the Ivy League school–University of Pennsylvania; the Hornbrook Group of Cosmetic Dentistry; and training from the Frank Spear Institute.

Dr. Nichols is married and has three children. His best time is spent with his wife and kids and they love playing sports, camping, hiking, hunting, and enjoying all the beauty Wyoming has to offer.

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Many of the options presented above allow you to start treatment today with no cost up front and low monthly payments.

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